Elk Knob State Park


Elk Knob State Park is a popular destination for nature watchers, hikers and backcountry campers. Visitors appreciate the remote and primitive setting within the park’s backcountry along with its breath-taking vistas. Groupsite B is located within the backcountry of Elk Knob State Park at an elevation of 4000 ft. Campers experience the remoteness of the backcountry as they view plants and animals along the headwaters of the New River.

Elk Knob State Park is known for its spectacular hiking trails and vistas from the summit of Elk Knob. Trout fishing is permitted within the headwaters of the New River and posted trout waters exist adjacent to park property. Bird watching is popular as the park is home to the Golden-winged Warbler.

Plan B country store is a ten minute drive from the park and will provide small food items. Lowes Food is a fifteen minute drive to Boone from the park and will offer additional camping related items. The closest restaurant is in Boone.

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