Digital Screen Advertising

Introducing the newest way messages reach their target audience! DOOH Advertising is best described as Digital Screens, Panels, or Boards which deliver relevant and timly advertising to the consumer in their everyday environment.

Our Current Locations

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CONSUMERS ON THE Move Be where your audience is.

15 Second Slot

Short and Sweet
$ 45 Monthly
  • 15 Sec Runtime
  • Great for Promo Ads
  • Static or Motion Ads

30 Second Slot

Great for Adding more detail.
$ 90 Monthly
  • 30 Sec Runtime
  • Great for Commercial Style Ads
  • Perfect for QR Codes

60 Second Slot

Perfect for Multi Facet Businesses
$ 180 Monthly
  • 60 Sec Runtime
  • Introduce your business to clients (or remind followers about you)
  • Impact customer emotions through compelling stories
  • Prove that your brand understands customer problems and explain how it solves them
Is OOH Advertising Effective?

Digital Out Of Home Advertising provides a modern approach to reaching customers. Your business ads are prominently displayed on 43”- 60” screens at locations that are pre-selected based on high visibility, and foot traffic.

Our highly targeted place-based advertising network in restaurants, waiting rooms, and tourist attractions enable businesses to get their message in front of a highly targeted, captive, local audience that spends up to 1 hour per visit to our high traffic properties.

In terms of cost, we can provide our clients with a greater campaign reach for less than the cost of radio ads and traditional billboards. Considering the local tourism market our digital advertising screens provide businesses with the opportunity to get their message in front of thousands of potential clients in the busiest locations in Ashe County.

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