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D-ashe Board Auto-Pilot Program


These days Marketing and Media efforts are a must to keep prospective clients coming through the door. Most companies do not think of themselves as a media or technology company with a focus on content creation, media distribution, software, or any kind of Advertising production. This is where we come in, and put your Advertising on Auto-Pilot.


We are in the business of making other businesses Advertising efforts, basically effortless! We want to see you succeed, and use our skills to get you and your products, or services seen! 

There will be limited spots available on our Digital Sign Network, so as to maximize your exposure. Businesses within the 3 surrounding counties will also have a chance at a spot, to include Wilkes, Alleghany, and Watauga. Make sure you secure your spot before all of our slots are taken.


Our Auto-Pilot program will include content creation, media distribution, and production to help your business be seen. We will work closely with our clients to produce quality Ads that inform, intrigue, and initiate action. Our Network of Digital Signs (D-ashe Boards) will be our platform for distribution, and currently we have boards in 6 different high traffic locations throughout Ashe County, with more coming soon! You do not have to be in the Auto-Pilot program to secure a spot on our boards, as the Auto-Pilot program is for those wanting us to handle their advertising for them, and have the advantage of promoting sales or events without needing to pay Ad Slot Change Charges. See Program Details below for how this works.


Since we only have a limited number of spots, we’d like to start with gathering information from interested parties. Starting today we will be gathering Sign Ups and setting up meetings with prospective clients. Because our intention is to make our Digital Screen Network exclusive to a limited number of businesses for the purposes of maximum exposure, we recommend that you schedule a meeting to see if this program works for you before space runs out! Your Subscription will renew automatically until canceled. 

 Below you will find a Let’s Talk More button for those interested in having an Introductory meeting to see if our companies align and if the pricing works within your budget. 


Our Auto-pilot program will include Ad creation, distribution, and promotional insight. We will work with you or create your Ads for you with or without your input, it’s your choice! We will get your approval on all Ads before they are run.

Our package will include:

  • 1 General Ad a year (1 free update per year)
  • 1 Promotional Ad each month (Must Give a 7 day advance notice for Promo Ad creation).
  • You will have the ability to use your slot and run both General Ads and Promo Ads without having to purchase two slots
  • Access to my input for any Ads you decide to create on your own.

Add’l Promo Ads can be purchased separately as needed.

Promotional Ads would include Sales Events, New Arrivals, Showcasing Seasonal items, etc. Promo Ads will take the place of your General Ad while it runs considering the limited space on our boards. Your promotional Ads will have a 14 day run time. This gives you the ability to have good exposure, while also giving you the ability to inform the public of any Sales Events you may be holding without having to incur any Ad Slot Change Charges ($40) or pay for an extra slot to run your Promo Ads.

A La Carte

D-ashe Board Static Ad Creation

A Static Ad is a 1920x1080 motionless Ad that will stay on the screen for 15-60 seconds depending on your slot purchase.

D-ashe Board Motion Ad Creation

A Motion Ad is a commercial style Ad with no sound that will play for 15-60 seconds depending on your slot purchase.

D-ashe Board Instant Commerce Ad Creation

An Instant Commerce Ad can be Static or Motion and should have at least a 30 sec duration to allow for the viewer to scan the QR Code placed within the Ad. This Ad is meant for viewers to take an action, such as: Sign Up, Book Now, Buy Now, etc.

Cross Platform Ad Creation

($50) We will take the ad we have created for you to fit on our screens and resize it to fit on Social Media platforms such as Facebook, and Instagram. Music can also be added to the ad.
($99) Add Music to your Ad

Ad Change Charge: $40 each occurrence (This is for making any changes to an Ad slot, replacing/updating an Ad, or splitting up slots)

Samples of our Work

Backstreet Subs Ad

Ashley Auto Ad

Beckie Savage Realtor Ad

Steadfast Property Services - Remodel Ad

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