Unseen Pass SXS Rentals & Adventures Experience the mountains like most haven’t.


Unseen Pass allows you to experience the North Carolina mountains like most haven’t.

Rent a Roxor side-by-side (SXS) in West Jefferson, NC. Hit the road and take an adventure in Ashe County. Roxors seat up to four people – so bring the family or friends along for the ride 🙂

Explore scenic locations like Pond Mountain, Helton Creek, and the New River. Visit popular destinations like Molly Chomper and Healing Springs. Take in the fresh air and unique sights. Post your pictures on social media. Experience the beauty and share it with the world!

You can now book your rental for anytime on or after April 1st (opening day). Book your Roxor SXS rental for a half day -or- all the way up to a full week!

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