Slice WJ Eatery. Pub. Friendly, Local Hangout.

Hours: Sun, Mon,Thurs: 11:30am-9:00pm |Tues/Wed: Closed | Fri-Sat: 11:30am-11:00pm


Slice WJ is a locally owned and operated restaurant and bar serving New York style pizza, pasta, sandwiches, salads, and more.

Located in downtown West Jeffferson, you will often also enjoy some of our talented local musicians.

About Us

Homer Kestsextoroni grew up in the small village of Currelos nestled in the mountains of Sicily. At the young age of 7, every day he and his sweet matri (mother) would walk down to the garden and pick the colorful vegetables and bring them back for him to wash and slice as she prepared for the both of them to walk into town to barter for fresh flour, meats, and wines to take home and cook all of the neighbors of their poor village that she could afford to feed. Most every night was a feast of food and wine to bring up the broken spirits of the locals and their friends and families during such a hard time.   They in turn would give whatever they could in return for her gracious efforts to keep them alive during this poverty stricken era. It could be anything from small family heirlooms to chickens, but mostly it was whatever meager coins they could put together and a humble thank you. Homer knew that one day he would go to America and find another small mountain town to embrace as his own and feed as many people as he could for a reasonable price. So that day very day he started going to town to beg for any small job for whatever they could give him in return….. He saved all of his money for many years until he could finally travel to America. He got a job working on a ship headed for New York and lovingly kissed his matri and hugged his neighbors in his final farewell as he boarded the boat to chase his dream. He arrived in New York and immediately found work in a pizzeria in Brooklyn where he met the owner Mario Slicerelli who took his passion and experience from home and honed it into the ability to make some of the most scrumptious recipes. While tending the bar every night, he also learned to mix some of the best cocktails. He also realized he was able to have friendly conversations with anyone who walked into Mario’s place. When he knew the time was right, he said goodbye to the big city and set off to find his home in the mountainous region of the Appalachians (ap-a-latch-UN!). When he crossed the lines of Ashe County he knew he was home. So he found an older building in downtown West Jefferson and poured his heart and soul into creating such a beautiful place that incorporated all of the modern things he had seen since he arrived in this wonderful country. And in honor of the only man he ever knew as a father and mentor, he named the restaurant Homer Slicerelli’s, but after realizing that he must take on his newfound American atmosphere, he shortened it to HomeSlice.   This would be the most wonderful story of this place had it not been completely fabricated for your entertainment. The real owners are Jimbo Sexton, and Mike Kesterson, who are two really good friends who wanted to add a wonderful place for locals and guests to eat, drink, and hang out to laugh and make great memories in our quaint little town of West Jefferson. Please enjoy the wonderful dishes made by our local chef Myleia Slagle! If you are a local, we thank you for your patronage. If you are a visitor, welcome to our village and we hope you have a great time here. Just remember, things are done a bit differently up here, so sit back and relax, enjoy the slower pace of living, and like all good campers…..try to leave this town the way you found it!

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