Black Jacks Pub and Grill Best Burgers in Town

Hours: Mon-Sun: 11am-10pm | Saturday: 10am-10pm


We don’t just make regular hamburgers – we infuse a special blend of spices from Romania into our hamburger meat. Our burgers are thick, juicy, and full of 100 percent real beef. Come down and give them a try!

“If you’re not 100% satisfied with your burger, we’ll give you a refund.”

We’re keeping a great legacy alive

Here at Black Jack’s, we believe in providing our customers with delicious food and great service at fair prices. That mentality comes from our founder, Virginia Brown. Virginia was born in Romania on April 14, 1955, but eventually made her way to West Jefferson, North Carolina with her family. In 2008, Virginia opened Black Jack’s Pub and Grill. Unfortunately, Virginia passed away in 2016.

After Virginia passed away, and her son Alin Retezatu took over the family business. We promise to deliver the kind of quality and service that would make Virginia proud.


The Founder

Virginia founded Black Jack’s Pub & Grill in 2008, and we’re still going strong. Her homemade patties and innovative recipes made us a community favorite.

The Boss

Alin is our owner, head cook and boss. As Virginia’s son, he inherited a great legacy in Black Jack’s, and keeps the restaurant running efficiently.

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