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 We are a Property Services Company who is dedicated to keeping your property clean, presentable, and livable. We provide Trash Pickup Services, and Handyman Services.

Rural Trash Service

Starting at $33/month

Get out your cans, cause here comes the Garbage Man!

How would you like to not have to worry about taking the trash off anymore? Well we feel your pain and have an option for you. You can use your own Trash Bin or we’ll provide you with a 64 gallon trash bin, come by each week and take it off for you.

Current Trash Routes


Starts at Rodies Restaurant in Glendale Springs, going toward Mountain Aire seafood on HWY 16 then it goes down 163 toward West Jefferson. ( If you live in these areas) we provide Trash Pickup on Wednesdays of each week


This route includes Idlewild Road, (if you live in these areas) we provide Trash Pickup on Wednesdays of each week. (Ends at the intersection of Hwy 221)


Green Route: Starts at Coppermine Ranch Apt. in Laurel Springs, going toward Jefferson on HWY 88 and ends at Sheets Bridge New River Access. ( If you live in these areas) we provide (Trash Pickup on Thursdays of each week).


Beaver Creek Area in West Jefferson. Trash pickup will take place on Wednesdays of each week.

Handyman Services

Small jobs to Big jobs we have you covered!

Light-Duty Handyman Services

Casual/Minor home repairs/maintenance; your to-do-list or honey-do list. Basically anything you don’t want to do or cannot do for a number of reasons. Here is a list of services we provide. If you don’t see it on the list, just ask us.

Cost: Starting at $60/per installer, but an estimate can be provided upon request

  • Assemble furniture, lights, lamps
  • Plumbing: Install toilet, garbage disposal, dishwasher, shower heads, faucets
  • Pressure Washing Homes, Decks, Fences, and more.
  • Painting: home interior walls, patio floor, garage floor
  • Staining decks and log Homes
  • Change light bulbs, smoke alarm batteries, install/replace new alarms
  • Hang pictures, art and other articles
  • Movement and placement of household furniture and items;
  • Clean/secure gutters, clean solar panel
  • Replace door handles, dead-bolts, locks
  • Install shelves for storage (house, garage)
  • Carpentry; Repair/replace rotting steps, install kitchen handles, cabinet door replacement, sheetrock work
  • Install and Repair Fences


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