RN Massage Therapist Decreasing pain, increasing quality of life

Hours: 10a-5p, M-F, By appointment only.


Tammy Dillon, RN, LMBT#16102 is both a registered nurse and a licensed massage therapist.  After 25 years working as a nurse at the bedside where Tammy implemented massage therapy techniques to assist patients with pain and anxiety, she decided to continue her education and became licensed by the NC Massage Board in addition to her NC Board of Nursing license.  Her first practice, The Healing Hand, opened it’s doors in 2016 in Archdale, NC.  In 2020, she sold that practice.  Tammy and her husband of 32 years moved to Ashe County full-time and she opened RN Massage Therapist, a brand new practice.  Here she specializes in therapeutic massage for cancer patients (she’s an Oncology Nurse), those with injuries and assisting clients with their pain.  She also offers Manual Lymphatic Drainage as well as Reflexology.

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