Our Game Plan

We are determined to create the best experience for travelers seeking out things to do while on vacation! Through the use of this amazing technology we can create and curate information and promotional deals provided by local businessess. These businesses can get themselves in front of active families seeking out things to do, and even target their Ads for certain days and times of the day. This creates an opportunity for visitors to make easy decisions about where to go and what to do. They also get a chance to take advantage of local deals being promoted.

Ways to Advertise within the Concierge

Slideshow Ad

The Slideshow Ad is just what it sounds like meaning your Ad will show on the Slideshow that runs whenever the concierge is not in use. This type of Ad is associated with the Basic Advertising Plans. Users can also go to the slideshow at anytime to look at the Ads as they wish. You will recieve Ad Analytics on a monthly basis in an email.

Recommendation Ad

This Ad is also a Slideshow Ad yet it is only possible if you have chosen a bundle package. As you must be a Recommended Business to run this type of Ad. The Power of this Ad is that it ties back to your Directory listing which is part of the bundle, and offers up instant directions to your place of business right on the concierge. This adds another layer of convenience to the process of getting a customer to your business. You will recieve Ad Analytics on a monthly basis in an email.

Announcement Ad

The Announcement feature allows you to send Promotions to guests and bring more traffic to your business. These Ads cover the screen and must be acknowledged to be bypassed. They can be Images or a Video, and they can be set up to be sent on a certain day using one of our daily time slots. Example: It's a holiday weekend and the weather has turned for the worse, and you own an Indoor Arcade. You could send out an Announcement to a certain number of vacation homes telling them about your Rainy Day Special, possibly flooding your doors with cooped up families. The best part is you'll recieve a Read Receipt at the end of the day telling how many people saw your Ad! We have included some Announcement Examples further down the page.

Examples of "Announcements"

Restaurant Promo

Event Promo

Grand Opening