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Did you know specific massage modalities can help you manage your pain to improve your quality of life? We do Lymphatic massage, Relaxation massage for Anxiety, Prenatal massage, Treatment of acute pain due to injury, Treatment of chronic pain.

Tammy has utilized massage therapy with her cancer patients since 1994, the year she graduated Nursing School. A few years ago, she added a massage therapy license to her credentials and started her own practice in Archdale, NC, where she practiced til Fall 2020. She has always loved West Jefferson, so she and her husband built a cabin here and moved here full-time. She wasn’t ready to retire, so RN Massage Therapist was born!

About Tammy

Hello! I’m Tammy, Registered Nurse since 1994. My nursing career focus was solely on Oncology the first 10 years. Then, I focused on education for patients with Rare Chronic Conditions, Auto Immune Conditions, and Neurological Disorders. The common treatment that seemed to help all of these diagnoses was therapeutic massage. I often used massage techniques at the bedside that decreased pain and anxiety at a far greater pace than any of the pain and anxiety medications I was giving them. And, there’s no side effects like there can be with drugs. I saw the power of touch with my own eyes and wanted to learn more.

In 2016, I graduated Massage Therapy School and became a licensed massage therapist. I maintain both my RN and LMBT (Massage Therapy) licenses here in North Carolina. Both licenses require continuing education in order to renew them every two years, so I’m constantly learning more. My grandmother always told me “you are never too old to learn something new.” She was so right!

In 2019, my husband and I became empty nesters, so we began drawing plans for a little cabin in the woods outside the town of West Jefferson. We lived in Pleasant Garden, NC for 31 years. I owned and operated a massage therapy practice in a neighboring town, Archdale. That practice was called “The Healing Hand”. In 2020, I turned over that practice to 2 trusted therapists and came to West Jefferson to start a new practice. Josh and I really do love it here. We have never met nicer people than those we have met here in Ashe County.

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