Blue Ridge Movie Lounge Welcome Home Movie Lovers!



Monday – Sunday: Open 30 minutes before the first show of the day.

See our website for Movie Showing Times.

About The Movie Lounge
Welcome home movie lovers! We wanted to create a space that felt like your own intimate living room but without compromising the picture quality and sound of a big theater. We are a full service digital theater with a twist. The Movie Lounge came about as a creation of combining things we love. As a business owner raised in Ashe County, it is an honor to share our little treasure to our beautiful neck of the woods.

We have recently become a two screen theater! Each side is unique and tries to preserve the original structure. Did you know our buildings were built in 1916?

Director’s Lounge

Welcome home! Step inside side 1 and snuggle up on your favorite chair. You’ll often see movie loungers with their favorite blankets cozying up with their favorite snacks. You can admire the original Tin wall, concrete floor and walls and our beautiful wooden ceiling. If you look close enough you can see all the original nails and craftmanship from the 1916.

Producer’s Lounge

Now open! It’s located next door to our first screen. Please pardon us while we continue to finish renovations. Zach and I do almost all the work ourselves while juggling a cute 2 year old so it does take us a little longer to finish. This side has a wall with a few of the movie posters we showed during our first year of being open. Our concession area has a chalkboard wall which often changes with seasonal drawings and the latest drinks and snacks.

So please, give us a try. With our brand new state of the art digital cinema projectors and dolby surround sound, we can’t wait to see and hear what you have to share!

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